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Try our 100% Pure Golden Chamomile Herbal Tea. You will love it!  

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One of the most loved and most used herbs throughout history is the Chamomile flower. Its name comes from the Greek “kamai melon” meaning “ground apple” due to its apple-like fragrance. Beatrix Potter in 1902 wrote of a healing Chamomile tea given to the feverish Peter Rabbit by his mother. Early Egyptians revered the herb for its effectiveness in curing the chills caused by malaria, or agues. Greek physician Dioscorides (first century A.D.) and Roman naturalist Pliny (23 AD) both advocated Chamomile baths and warm poultices for relief of liver, bladder and kidney disorders as well as headaches.

Try our refreshing healthy Golden Chamomile tea, you will love it.

Health Benefits of drinking Dil’s Chamomile Tea:

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Aids in lowering cholesterol
  • May help regulate your blood sugar
  • Promotes healthy teeth, skin and bones

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