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Why Tea & Coffee for your fundraiser?

Haiti relief

Current Tea & Coffee Drinking statistics according to the National Coffee Association are 183 million coffee drinkers and 173.5 million tea drinkers in the United States and growing.

Combined sales of tea and coffee are estimated to be a total $18.7 billion plus.

With tea & coffee sales all you have to do is a one-time sale. Sign your supporters up for our monthly tea & coffee club.  Instead of buying from their usual source, they purchase from Tea Packs which will re-direct their dollars to benefit a valuable cause and at the same time your organization will benefit from the sales.

When your supporters buy tea or coffee, it will be automatically shipped directly each month to the customer or to your organization depending on your shipping instructions. In turn, your organization will receive a generous profit from the purchase. If each supporter introduces their family, friends and co-workers to purchase from us, your organization’s fundraising campaign will be even more successful!

How do you receive your funds?

When your supporters pay for their tea or coffee each month through automatic withdrawal of debit/credit card your organization receives a generous portion of the profits paid to you monthly by Tea Packs. A sales report will be sent to you for each month. Customers can cancel the program at any time.

Our Commitment

We at Tea Packs are committed to making a difference in this world. We are committed to helping organizations as they work to help others. Our goal is to offer a great cup of tea or coffee giving hope to the needy one cup at a time!

Order Tea or Coffee for your home, your office or as a gift and raise money for your favorite organization!

We want to support your great cause. Contact us to learn more.