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Discover a World of Tea with Tea Packs. With over 30 years in the tea industry, we are your one stop solution for all your tea needs. We are here to offer you the very best tea experience. Our leaves are infused with passion and our teas infuse the world with peace and well-being one sip at a time.

What makes our tea different to other brands? Our passion of blending, commitment, expertise and ingredients that make our tea program truly memorable.

From loose leaf to tea bags, we use only the very best tea ensuring a consistently strong and delicious cup of tea every time. We offer the highest quality tea bags in the world, superior flavor and an upscale aesthetic. Open and examine the contents of one of our teabags and you will notice how much richer the color of our tea; its all in the blend. All of our naturally flavored teas are not only healthy, it makes a wonderful beverage and you can drink it hot or cold.

We are committed in educating our customers of the health benefits of not just drinking tea, but a good fresh all natural high-quality tea. Your body deserves the best and our goal is to offer you only the best of teas. We want to introduce you to all the aromas, textures, and beneficial qualities of our teas while enlightening you with the history and variety of teas available. From regular teas to the exotic teas, we provide the highest quality and flavor with competitive pricing.  Our authenticity and experience are our points of difference. We offer a variety of packaging options to suite any customer’s needs, bulk, loose leaf, tea bags and gift able items. Our commitment is to deliver a quality product to you.

We are a socially and environmentally responsible business. Our Mission is to care for the world we live in from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to this world. Each year, we donate to many charitable organizations.We ask that you too join in our mission, reach out to your families, friends and your community and assist us in supporting some of our worthy causes. For every purchase you make, it helps us support the many worthy causes that we get involved in each year. Tell everyone you know about us. Share our tea and our mission. Each one of us has the power to make a difference in our environment and live a healthy lifestyle. Let’s all live a life of purity, tranquility and in harmony. Join us and make our world a safe and healthy place to live in.